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Isle of Man King Scallop Fishery – one of the best in the British Isles

The Marine Conservation Society has recently recognised the Isle of Man’s king scallop fishery as one of the most effectively managed fisheries in the British Isles. This noteworthy acknowledgment has been featured in the charity’s comprehensive Good Fish Guide, an invaluable resource for consumers seeking to make conscientious choices when it comes to their seafood preferences.

Clare Barber MHK, the Minister for Environment, Food and Agriculture, expressed her delight over this positive development. She commended the Scallop Management Board for their visionary decisions, working in tandem with DEFA (Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture). Minister Barber emphasised that the enhanced rating bestowed upon the Isle of Man’s king scallop fishery should instill confidence in consumers regarding the sustainability of the product they are supporting.

This elevated recognition is not an isolated occurrence, as it comes on the heels of similarly impressive results achieved by the Isle of Man’s queen scallop fishery. Together, these achievements underscore the island’s commitment to responsible and sustainable seafood practices.

Great news for the Isle of Man’s Fishing Industry.

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