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Isle of Man new fisheries spatial management measures in the Western Irish Sea Mud-belt – Consultation opens


The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture in the Isle of Man is reaching out to stakeholders for your thoughts on some new plans for our Island’s waters, particularly in the Western Irish Sea Mud-Belt (WISMB). Its important for all involved to give their feedback.

They’re thinking about introducing some fresh spatial management measures in the WISMB.  These measures are aimed at making things better for our marine environment, and they want to hear what you think.

What exactly are these measures? Well, they’re considering setting up areas where certain fishing methods won’t be allowed. Why? Because they’re looking into some scientific research, especially about  “blue carbon.” It’s all about understanding how our muddy habitats can help soak up carbon from the atmosphere.

These new measures could also lead to some benefits for sustainable fisheries. It turns out, that this mud belt is very important when it comes to fighting climate change. Not only does it store carbon in large amounts, but it’s also home to some important creatures like Dublin Bay prawns(Langoustine, Nephrops and also Brown crab (Cancer Pagurus). Plus, there are some very important marine habitats in this area that deserve our protection.

This is just the beginning. They’re planning to review everything in 2026 once all of the scientific data has been gathered and interpreted. I would suggest now is the time to speak up and air your views.

This is all about the Isle of Man industry working together to ensure the long terms sustainability of the Isle of Mans surrounding seas.

You can read and respond to the consultation, which is online at https://consult.gov.im/environment-food-and-agriculture/37f60660/

For more information on the Isle of Man’s Blue Carbon Project please watch the below short film.

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