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Manx Marine Mud – It’s important

Unesco Isle of Man

In our capacity as an island community, our reliance on the sea is profound, encompassing various aspects of our livelihoods. Nonetheless, it is often facile to overlook its significance. The subject of marine muds may be unfamiliar to many, perhaps even obscure, yet their role… read more »

Isle of Man new fisheries spatial management measures in the Western Irish Sea Mud-belt – Consultation opens

Consultation The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture in the Isle of Man is reaching out to stakeholders for your thoughts on some new plans for our Island’s waters, particularly in the Western Irish Sea Mud-Belt (WISMB). Its important for all involved to give their… read more »

King Scallop area closure

King Scallop Fishing Boat

The Scallop Management Board who jointly advise on the Isle of Man Scallop fishery recently decided to close off a section in the south of the Isle of Man for fishing vessels. This call came directly from the fishing industry’s request. Known as the Bradda… read more »

King Scallops – inception to commercial status

Pecten Maximus, commonly known as the King Scallop, found around the Isle of Man, boasts a fascinating life cycle that captivates both scientists and seafood enthusiasts alike. Their life journey from inception to reaching commercial size is well studied in science by Bangor University around… read more »

Isle of Man King Scallop Fishery – one of the best in the British Isles

The Marine Conservation Society has recently recognised the Isle of Man’s king scallop fishery as one of the most effectively managed fisheries in the British Isles. This noteworthy acknowledgment has been featured in the charity’s comprehensive Good Fish Guide, an invaluable resource for consumers seeking… read more »

Seafood made simple – Crofters click & collect


Crofters Click & Collect. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re in for a treat! 1. Seafood Made Simple: Crofters Click and Collect takes the stress out of shopping. With just a few clicks onour user-friendly website, you can fill your shopping basket with all… read more »

Navigating Troubled Waters: Challenges Facing Shellfish Processors in the Isle of Man

Queen Scallops

The Isle of Man, with its rich maritime heritage and abundant seafood resources, has long been a hub for shellfish processing. The island’s processors play a vital role in the local economy and seafood industry. However, they face a unique set of challenges that can… read more »

Sustainable Fisheries Management on the Isle of Man: A Deep Dive into King Scallops, Queen Scallops, Lobster, Crab, and Whelk

The Isle of Man, nestled in the Irish Sea between England and Ireland, is renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich maritime heritage. One of the key aspects of this maritime heritage is the island’s thriving fishing industry. The Isle of Man’s fisheries management practices… read more »

Floor Shellfish Cleaners Required

fishing industry

Job Vacancies – 15 positions available We are looking for Floor / Shellfish Cleaners to work in our shellfish production site. Main tasks will include, processing, cleaning, washing packing of product to be despatched. No specific qualifications required but previous experience working in a shellfish… read more »

Job Vacancy

fishing industry

We are looking for a Fishing Vessel Deckhand / Shellfish Production Assistant. You will be required to work between our factory in Port St Mary and at sea onboard our Fishing Vessel. This position is full time and will involve weekend work and bank holidays… read more »